Special Needs Fitness

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Everybody needs exercise! The Wise Decision offers daily fitness program to individuals suffering from developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. It is our hope that we will not allow more years to pass without seeing an improvement in fitness among the millions of persons with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. Most individuals living with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses get very little physical activity and carry high amounts of body fat, particularly women and persons with Down syndrome. These traits do not develop from their condition, but rather from their lifestyle.

Exercise is a key factor in maintaining and improving overall health, and there are significant health benefits that can be obtained with a moderate amount of daily physical activity. These benefits are even more important if you have a disability, since people with disabilities have a tendency to live less active lifestyles.

Our disability fitness program provides low to medium impact exercise sessions to help support improved health, increased confidence, and develop better moods. Participants in the program can expect to see improvements in a number of health areas including; hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, blood clots, heart risks, skin irritations, etc.

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