Corporate Wellness

corpwellThe Wise Decision Corporate Wellness provides on-site fitness and nutritional programs to employees. The fitness classes are offered before, during and after work hours. All classes and programs are geared towards improving the overall health and condition of the employees. Our Corporate Wellness program combines nutritional support and exercise in a fun interactive way. Each wellness program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the employer. The programs can include

After Work or Lunch Break Fitness Sessions, Health Risk Assessments, Biometric Screenings, including Blood Pressure, Blood Lipid, Blood Glucose, Body Mass Index, and More, Wellness Coaching, and Education and Awareness Programs, including Nutrition Seminars, and Health Fairs.


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the employer and have been successful at:

Reducing Absenteeism
Increasing Productivity
Improving Employee Health and Energy Levels
Enhancing Creativity and Ability to Concentrate
Decreasing Stress Levels
Reducing Employee Turnover
Decreasing Disability and Workers Compensation Costs
Enhancing Recruitment Potential

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